Friday, 20 May 2016


Artificial lighting technology is installed into each of the rooms to act as lighting. This will allow us to determine different levels of light.

I did to a lot more exploration into technology although the concept does not call for such high tec.
Some ideas explored are on these web sites.

-directional/locational sound

-motion sensors to activate effects etc, general electronics etc

-Transparent LED screens

-Virtual reality

-Augmented reality

-Remote Manipulation

-Artificial Sunlight

-3D immersive sound

-DMX controlled lighting and sound,  as used in clubs etc for effect

-internal positioning system to track people through space

-NFC chips, activate things, track people etc using phone or NFC tags

-Fempto-Photography .... Be imaginative, it's a camera that can see
around corners

-Dynamic Tactile Surface, interactive menus etc

-Robotics , have robot actors interact with customers etc

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