Thursday, 5 May 2016


Over the Trimester i have collected different inspiration from a range of places, this is just an example.
I have also collected images from Pinterest.

Looking at the emotions evoked, a concept was developed, to create a installation that mimics the children's experience and life. From start to finish.

Things in my everyday life have sparked ideas for this designs some are as followed:

Escape rooms:

I went to one of these with friends in melbourne. We needed to work as a team to escape a jail in my experience. The way the rooms were set up, i was hungry to escape feeling that i was going to be killed in the process. The story was rich and enticing., This idea of making a choose and finding your way will help my experience explain the journey of the child solider's.

We failed getting out of the room, but were very close.

7D Experience

My weekend away in Tazzie, was met with the most terrifying experience in the 7D experience.
Its like the rides at movie world just at lot more money has gone into its production.
Choosing a scary video to start, you are guided and sat in a chair, buckled in and 3d glasses prepped.
The graphics are popping out at you as you are in the position of a little girl, running though an old hose being chased by monster zombies.
You are cornered and cock coaches climb up you legs in the film, as in you seat something whips at your lest and bursts or air make it actually feel like there are bugs climbing up your seat.
The monster gets close enough to screech in your face as bits of spit fly from his mouth , what i assume is water flys onto your face.
This made me think of the different elements and technology available for me to use. I may not get this technical as it is a hard issue for people to digest, allowing people to go at their own pace will result in more compassion.
I was so scared in this experience i needed to close my eyes and pretend i was not there, which is not like me as i am a  horror movie buff. But the nature was so confronting, i felt so helpless, much like the child solider's, a poor comparison. This sparked my ideas to re create the different experiences of the children.

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