Thursday, 5 May 2016

Project AK47

The Video above is a great introduction to the Project AK47 cause.

Brand Statement:

Child soldiers are exposed to every kind of modern day slavery.  This includes, child labor, sex trafficking, and subjection to war.
These children are taken or in some cases purchased from their families by one of the many opposition groups or rebel gangs. They are starved, forced to serve as cooks, prostitutes, or even as a human minesweeper. 
Child Trafficking has been called the cruelest form of modern day slavery.
These children loose their identities.

Project AK47 work to save children in Mexico, Burma and Philippines. They strive to restore their childhoods.

This is a confronting issue. A few years ago in my high school, people would joke about 'Kony', back then i wasn't sure what it was about, my understanding was tat a man would cut off the hands of children and make them be solider's....
I did more research into this rebel gang.

Above is a very powerful piece of writing to explain the brutality of the Koney movement, only on of the different rebel gangs training child solider's.

Growing up in a country town, when this was happening, people would laugh and meme were circulated, showing me now just how uneducated australians are on this matter. We would never laugh about the white colonizations of aborigines, so why were the kids laughing about this? some examples i grew up with, makes me very sad that these were the circle memes of my country town. Never was it punished or were we educated on the matter. I hope that is design will help educate the melbourne/world on child solider's:

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